Dear pastors and leaders,

I am so excited to let you know that we, Family Discipleship Ministries, have just updated our website. This new site is easy to navigate and has our newest marriage and parenting discipleship workbooks along with free tools to help churches formulate and implement a discipleship vision. There is also a short new video called “What Is a Disciple?” with an exhortation on why all believers in Jesus Christ are to become disciples.

Over the last twenty-plus-years, I have counseled hundreds of hurting married couples and parents in addition to traveling to many countries conducting family conferences. I have witnessed firsthand the sad, feeble condition of many Christian families and how most pastors and leaders feel ill-equipped to do anything about it. Sadly, many churches are referring people to worldly psychologists who do not use God’s Word. The Word of God is complete, lacking nothing that pertains to life, and His Holy Spirit has not lost His power to enable us to walk in righteousness. The problem is we, the Church, are not using a discipleship model to edify His body! Countless programs, inspiring books, whims of deluded doctrine, and fads have blown through our churches, but they have done nothing except distract us from doing what Jesus exhorted the Church to be primarily about—making disciples! We have all heard the saying that insanity is doing the same thing but hoping for different results. Let us begin to truly make a change! It is my prayer that this new website and its many free resources will help you in ministering to the body of Christ.

If you have not already heard, our ministry home is now in the state of Texas. Although we are still called Family Discipleship Ministries, our new ministry name and website is Please help us spread the word about these accessible discipleship tools and let us know if we can help you implement these resources in your church.

May the Lord bless you, your family, and His church, AMEN.

Craig Caster

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