FDM training in Malaba, Kenya

Greeting in the mighty name of Jesus!  

It is with great joy that I share with you the news of the recent Family Discipleship Ministry training in Malaba. The four-day training seminar took place at the Malaba border in Busia County, Western Kenya. It brought together over 100 Pastors and leaders from different denominations from Kenya and the neighboring Uganda who live around Malaba and its environs. They came in the morning and left in the evening to go to their homes. Those who live near the place walked while those from far came and went by motorcycles, some of which were rented. Both women and men were hungry for the training as the number kept increasing daily. They braved the daily heavy rains and chilly weather to come and attend the training.  

The results of the Family Discipleship Ministry training yielded in this region were far beyond expectations. Pastors and church leaders had many spiritual and family related questions to ask during the seminar. They were shocked at how ignorant they were about God and His will for the family and church when their questions were answered through the Bible and the workbooks. They openly confessed that the training brought a new dawn in their pastoral and family lives and that the society stands a better chance to benefit greatly from Family Discipleship Ministry. The Christian group that attended this seminar is a microcosm of the Christian society in Africa. Their confession represents the reality of the African Church.  

The seminar was a great blessing to many, bringing about transformations in their hearts. Just to name a few examples:  

  • One bishop confessed that they were not seeing eye to eye with his other brother who was also a Bishop of a certain church. After being taught about forgiveness and reconciliation he was willing to go to him and ask for forgiveness and let go of the grudge in his heart. 
  • One young lady had her sad story about a man who dumped her a few days before their wedding and married another woman the same month. It was hard for her to forgive but she was now willing to call him and talk to him and tell him that she had forgiven him.  
  • Pastors confessed that they were ignorant of the Trinity and were teaching heresy, especially about the Person of the Holy spirit.  
  • The church hall was filled with the joyful cheering when men and women of the cloth stood up one by one and said that they aren’t afraid of dying and are now ready and willing to die at any time after having been well taught about death and end times. They used to preach about eternal life, yet they themselves were not sure whether it was real or not.  
  • There is a great demand for the classes, both onsite and online in Kenya and across the border in Uganda. 
  • Pastors and church leaders vowed to go out there and feed their flock on the unadulterated message of the Bible because they have received knowledge through FDM as God promised in Jeremiah 3:15. 

The Family Discipleship Ministry has come to set the Church and family’s fractured bone. Just like Titus who was left in Crete to set in order the things that were wanting (Titus 1:5), so FDM is also setting in order what is wanting in the Christian society in the world. May the message of the Kingdom be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations (Matt. 24:14), through FDM. 

God bless FDM to keep peeling back the church’s mask with His truth. 

Yours in God’s Service,

Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma


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