Dear pastors and leaders,

Hello, my name is Pastor William Padilla. Director of Cuba ministry.

It is a great blessing to work for FDM in Cuba along with many other brothers who teach the importance of discipleship and the family according to the principles that are in the Word of our Lord.
For over a year, Covid has greatly affected the homes in our country. We are not allowed to go out and look for food and there is almost no medicine for the sick. A lot of people are very concerned and rarely open the doors of their home to anyone. This has created a crisis for Cuban families.

The government does not allow us to hold church meetings at this time. We have to hold small meetings in secret in either a home or out in the fields.  Every Wednesday I am discipling families in my living room and on Saturdays we meet to pray for the families. We are also visiting couples who are struggling, and we teach in other congregations secretly.

Please pray for us and our country.
Thank you

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