Letter From: Pastor Juma in Africa

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus.
I write this message with lots of gratitude for what God has allowed you to do for his children here in Kenya. This past month of May, God put a great hunger for discipleship in our hearts. Another discipleship class began at Busia Hills with 70 students consisting of mostly pastors, overseers, bishops, and other church leaders from all different denominations. There are plans for another class to begin in Bungoma County, located in Western Kenya. Praise be to God! I am very appreciative because this has been my prayer for many years. The wolves in this region will not continue to infiltrate our fellowship of believers with their destructive heresies. Thank you and God bless you. This past May, the enemy has made many assaults against me by attacking those closest to me. There were three attacks in quick succession. First, my wife was involved in a nasty accident while crossing the road in Busia. She sustained serious back injuries and one of her arms was broken. While she was in hospital, one of my 33 orphans I care for was raped by a person she did not know. She was badly injured and needed some surgery because she was a virgin and too young when defiled. Then, after a few days, my son of 6 months began convulsing. I took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with what the doctors called focal seizures on the right brain. Despite these hardships, God gave me strength to continue standing. I remain thankful, knowing that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. I am grateful for your immense support and prayers. May God continue to bring blessings upon you.


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