Letter From: Pastor Benjamin in Bangladesh

Greetings from my Family. I hope the almighty God blesses you abundantly. God has truly used you to bless me and my family and I am thankful that the Holy Spirit guided me to connect with you. Your teachings on Forgiveness and Reconciliation have provided me with practical tools to reach many people of all ages. The lock down period during the pandemic provided an opportunity to meet several unreached communities by simply showing the love of Jesus. Many of them now know who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and how He reconciles us with the Heavenly Father.

Recent Update:
From May 26th to June 4th I visited our Northern districts to meet our leaders (local
pastors) and our family of believers, as well as some unreached neighbors. I also visited many Hindu men who contracted Covid-19. I had no fear when visiting them, trusting in Jesus’ protection (Psalm 91). During that time, seven covid positive people were healed through our prayer. They also put their faith in Jesus and were shouting that Jesus is the true son of God and their healer. They were then baptized, recognizing their new faith in Christ. All praise goes to the Father!

The pond we used for Baptism was full of leeches and some believers asked me not to enter it. But I told them that nothing will happen because “Jesus is our protector and will rescue us from every bad situation”. They were astonished and speechless when they came out of the pond with no leeches. Many Hindu people wanted to join in worship, and the children wanted to learn about Jesus.

God willing, I plan on returning to the northern districts when the lockdown ends. The believers there need local churches to gather in. There is a need for eight churches. I have already made some progress with two locations. It costs about $900 US dollars per location. You can see some of the progress over the years in my attached photos. The ground used to be dirt, but now it will be concrete so it will last much longer.

Please keep praying for our work in the Kingdom of God, and for the leaders in the northern districts who continue to reach the unsaved people. If there are any Godly men or women who desire to participate in our work, or desire to contribute to our ministry financially, you can give them this transfer address.

Again, I thank you for your teaching and guidance, and for your kind patience with us (RPCB).
May God Bless you and your Family.
Brother in Christ,
Pastor Benjamin.


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