Letter From: Juan Carlos in Las Américas

I am happy to report to you what God has been doing at Calvary Chapel Las Americas during these past few months. We are currently studying Exodus 23 on Wednesdays and going through 1 Timothy on Sundays. We also continue to disciple men, girls, women, and couples. This month we will be distributing our church offerings to the persecuted church; a portion will go to Cuba and another to Pastor Drew.

We returned to face-to-face services on Wednesday, April 28th, because our city had fewer Covid cases. It was beautiful to see how the church returned to worship the Lord to the point of having the sanctuary full. Every Sunday we had problems accommodating the amount of people coming to worship. Our maximum capacity is only 40 people, and we have limited parking space. We bought more chairs and a chamber that allowed us to accommodate more people inside the sanctuary, and we have begun to pray for a second service so that more people have the opportunity to hear the word of God. Unfortunately, Covid cases in Merida have gotten worse. They have again announced restrictions, only allowing us to have a capacity of 50% per service.

We’ve been able to gather young people in person and were surprised that 23 young people attended. We’ve already held a second meeting in a larger place with the support of the parents of the church, and more new people have attended. Also, on June 19th we were blessed to perform 11 baptisms on the beach of Chelem.

We ask you to pray for the following needs:

1. For the wisdom and direction of the Lord to make decisions regarding space in order to have more people in the sanctuary (rent a place, build, buy land, etc.).
2. Provision to institute a Civil Association to have in order for the finances of the church and future properties (this is the first step to form the Religious Association, and the process will take 5 years).
3. For my family to continue to be focused on the mission of the Church of the Americas, which is to minister to families.

Juan Carlos y Graciela


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