Family Minister: Dr. Alfredo Ferro Rodríguez and Ana C Martínez Herrera

Ambassador for in Havana Cuba
El Calvario Church
April 15, 2021

Greetings and blessings:

The difficult situation that humanity faces as a result of this pandemic has forced us to look for different alternatives to continue touching thirsty hearts.  Our Church has a family day, and we have continued discipleship digitally.  Not everyone has the scope to reach this digital medium, so we also bring information to the people of God through a newsletter.

These hard times have a negative impact on families, bringing hopelessness and crises of all kinds; marital, financial, emotional, and spiritual, along with teenage children acting in severe rebellion on the brink of despair and suicide. discipleship continues to be an effective tool that God has placed in our hands to help God’s people.  We give thanks for the team and the brothers who cooperate in this beautiful and dedicated ministry.  We love them and are very grateful for their lives.

The lack of face-to-face meetings and the poor economic situation is extremely difficult, but we remain close to each other, seeking God’s direction.
God does not fail. His hand has sustained us and enlivens us every day.

A hug and blessings.

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