Global Ministry Growth

Update from June 1st 2021 to August 25th 2021

Africa Office:
Africa has the largest percentage of Christians in the world (43%), followed by Latin America (18%), Asia (17%), Europe (12%), and the US (10%).

Webinar Training:
On June 25th and 26th, FDM conducted a Pastors Webinar Conference in Tanzania with 532 pastors in attendance and 350 of them received FDM workbooks in the Swahili language. We were able to provide food for the attendees and recorded the webinar to use for future conferences and training videos. We already have requests from over 900 pastors from many parts of Africa seeking the training and workbooks from this conference. We are currently getting the training videos translated into Bangla, Tamil, Urdu, French, Swahili, Luganda, Somalia, Sudan, Malagasy, and Zulu.

Regional Pastors/Training:
Our strategy is to establish and equip Regional Pastors around the world to be able to train other pastors in their area, and to provide them with FDM workbooks translated in their language. We currently have 3 established Regional Pastors and over 135 more in training. Dr. Jonathan King conducts weekly zoom training sessions for these pastors in Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The sessions also include students from the Maranatha Bible College in Tanzania.

I began training pastor Davis Juma from Kenya back in May 2020. We completed his training in November of that year. In December, Pastor Davis began training 42 other pastors in his region. By June of 2021, there were 23 graduates from the program who are now equipped to train others. We were able to have a graduation ceremony with local pastors, dignitaries, and family members in attendance. All the graduates received a certificate of completion from I was able to give the opening remarks and to pray over the graduates through zoom. The ceremony took place at 2AM for me, but it was a blessing to be apart of it.

Printed Workbooks:
To date, in Tanzania, we have printed 6,987 workbooks translated to Swahili and 200 in English. We plan to set up mini print-shops for the regional pastors to self-produce our workbooks in their areas. Printing and shipping are both unreliable and expensive in Africa, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. We have learned that the regional pastors can self-produce the workbooks for a few cents per page after we purchase a laser printer, hole punch machine, paper, and plastic covers. The workbook translations are currently underway and making great progress.

See All Workbook translations:
Church Discipleship Plan
Completed: Swahili, French, Bangla, Urdu, and Tamil
In-Progress: Luganda, Somalia, Sudan, Malagasy, and Zulu

Christian Foundational Truths
Completed: Swahili, French, Urdu, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Nepal,
Norwegian, Romania, Swedish, Vietnamese, Somalia, Zulu, Malagasy, and Esperanto

Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Completed: Swahili, French, and Bangla
In-Progress: Tamil, Luganda, Somalia, Sudan, Malagasy, and Zulu

Marriage is A Ministry – 5 Volumes
Completed: Swahili, French, Bangla, and Spanish
In-Progress: Luganda, Somalia, Sudan, Malagasy, and Zulu

Parenting is a Ministry – 4 Volumes
Completed: Swahili, French
In-Progress: Bangla, Tamil, Luganda, Somalia, Sudan, Malagasy, and Zulu

As you can see, much has happened over the past couple months. All glory goes to God for providing the wisdom, strength, and provisions needed to get these things accomplished. There is still much to be done, but I believe God has laid out an efficient way for us to reach and equip pastors to have a clear vision for discipleship, and to provide tools and resources to help them implement discipleship in their churches. It is amazing to witness what God can do, even in the middle of pandemic; He is so

I covet your prayers for our team and for the many pastors around the world that we are working with. If you know other like-minded people who would be willing to support this outreach, please direct them to

Prayer Requests:

  • For more pastors/laborers to receive a vision and the training for making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • The finances to translate and print the workbooks in these countries: India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • Our international outreach budget to complete the translations and establish the regional pastors we are currently working with is just over 150,000.00 for the next 12 months. Please join me in praying for these needed finances.
  • To purchase Bibles for those who are receiving Jesus Christ in these countries.
  • For the pastors who are receiving training and for God’s protection over them to foil Satan’s plans in hindering this work.
  • For our FDM Pastor in Cuba, Pastor William, his family and the body of Christ. Covid has shut down their country and many are suffering.

God Bless you,
Pastor Craig Caster



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