FDM Institute is Advancing in Cuba

At the end of February, I travelled to Cuba with Pastor Craig, along with Pastor Juan Carlos from Mexico and Pastor Todd Wagner from Dallas, Texas to do a series of conferences for the saints there. We were hosted by our Director of FDM Cuba, Willian Padilla and Pastor Fernando Rodriquez, who together arranged three conferences for us to exhort the saints on the importance of teaching and practicing the life of discipleship in our marriages and families, and in our churches. The conferences overall were attended by hundreds of pastors and church members. For my part, I introduced the different ways to participate in FDMI through its online or onsite classes— these onsite classes meet together in person, organized and led by an FDMI instructor.

From left to right – Pastor Juan Carlos, Pastor Fernando, Pastor Todd, Pastor Willian, Dr King & Pastor Craig


Following my message, Pastor Juan Carlos demonstrated how the thumb drives we brought could be used on their cell phones, tablets and computers. Each thumb drive had audiobooks which were translated in Spanish along with the pdfs of all our workbooks. He further explained the various features and user-friendly versatility of using the audiobook thumb drives personally and in group settings. The pastors who attended the conferences expressed exceptionally high interest in FDMI courses. For practical reasons, since the internet service in Cuba is not so reliable, the majority of these classes would meet in-person. The work of God’s Spirit was evident to all of us who participated in the conferences, and because of the overwhelming positive response to our conference messages and introduction to FDMI, Pastor Willian Padilla (Director of FDM Cuba) is already at work organizing and leading the first onsite groups in Cuba. 

By God’s grace the seeds we are sowing now will reap a harvest unto the Lord. Please pray for the Lord to be glorified through these international outreach efforts, and bring a revival of discipleship in these and many other countries.


Dr Jonathan King


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