Announcing the Now Available FDM Audiobook Series

We invite everyone to join us in thanking and praising the Lord for the first batch of FDM audiobooks we now have available on the FDM website. The audiobooks provide an alternative means of accessing and learning the material contained in the complete set of FDM workbooks. Anyone can listen to the audiobooks on the FDM website, and each audiobook can be downloaded as an mp3 file if you wish.

At present the audiobook series is available to access in the following languages: English, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu. Other languages in the audiobook series should be available on the website within the next month or two, along with updated workbooks in these languages.

Our audiobooks can be found here.

You can navigate to the audiobooks from 2 different places on our website:

1) Click on “Resources” at the top of the page then select “Audiobooks”.

2) Go to the language page of your choice (right now only in the 4 languages above) and an option for “Audiobook” is a link beside the link to download the PDF.

In many cases, individual persons may want to access and learn the material on their own, which of course is great. BUT I want to encourage you to consider organizing a small group setting to listen to the audiobooks as a group and discuss the material together. A learning community of this kind is even more effective and impactful than learning these teachings by yourself.

By God’s grace the seeds we are sowing now will reap a harvest unto the Lord. Please pray for the Lord to be glorified through these international outreach efforts, and bring a revival of discipleship in these and many other countries.

Dr Jonathan King
Executive Director
FDM Institute


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