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It seems that there are many options available when it comes to information on parenting but, in fact, God’s Word is the only reliable source; following any other path will leave you ignorant and confused about how to raise your children. And following the example of your parents is a common choice that leads to repeating their mistakes.

God provides us with all the information needed to succeed at this awesome task, and this Discipleship Workbook is a tool to guide you through the scriptures where you will find the answers you need. Traditional, blended or single parent family’s will all benefit equally from this information.

This Discipleship Workbook provides the following practical tools:

• To build a strong spiritual foundation for parenting,
• To work together (if married) as a team,
• To meet a child’s emotional needs through a loving relationship,
• To instill character in a child, resulting in a mature adult,
• To disciple your child in godliness
• To discipline a child correctly,
• To start again after failure.

Every parent wants to do the right thing, but parenting according to God’s will does not come naturally. Failure comes naturally, so we must choose to rely upon His Word and His grace to accomplish this important undertaking. But we also need guidance from materials such as this workbook, and from being discipled ourselves by other sincere followers of Christ. Being a parent is one of the most important tasks God has given us to do for Him here on earth, and we need to work together to help one another.

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