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Volume 1-5. When people decide to be married they have good intentions and want a fulfilling and blessed marriage. When we choose to rely upon His Word and grace to accomplish His will as a husband and wife, then we will experience fulfillment. This five-volume marriage series will reveal biblical truths and bring clarity to God’s will and purpose for marriage. The workbooks are laid out like a personal daily devotional with self-evaluation questions to help us better grasp these principles and enable us to minister to our spouses in the way God intended.

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The Marriage Is a Ministry series digs into your God-given role as husband or wife, explores the blessings God intended for you, and provides specific examples of how to minister to your spouse. Packed with Scripture and thought-provoking questions, this series will guide newly married couples who may not have had great role models, deepen an already strong marriage, or provide a plan to work through difficult relationship issues and unclear roles. Rejuvenate your marriage as you learn to love your spouse God’s way

Each of the five volumes builds upon the previous material in order to establish a Strong Foundation first. While you may wish to improve only one aspect of your marriage by choosing the volume that best fits your situation, it is recommended to begin with volume 1 and continue in order. Beginning with any other volume may cause confusion and frustration because you will miss foundational biblical principles.

Strong Foundation (volume 1)
Learn how to establish a healthy, godly foundation by understanding God’s design and purpose for marriage.

What Love Is (volume 2)
Learn what godly love is and what it is not in order to love your spouse God’s way.

Unique Needs (volume 3)
Learn how men’s and women’s needs complement each other and how to work with your spouse to meet each other’s needs the right way.

Physical Fulfillment (volume 4)
Learn God’s beautiful design for intimacy within your marriage and how to fulfill your spouse the way God intended.

Godly Leadership (volume 5)
Learn how proper leadership provides freedom and protection in the home.

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