Russian Discipleship Resources

These tools provide a man, woman, married couple or parents with
solid biblically-based workbooks to help teach them to abide in Christ.

PDF Resources

Christian Foundation Truths

The greatest gift received through salvation is the ability to have a close, dependent relationship with God. Discipleship is God’s design for learning how to become one with Christ and how to live a life that glorifies Him. This devotional workbook reveals important biblical truths about the Christian faith that all believers need to learn. Jesus Christ is our Rock we stand on but if a person’s spiritual foundation is weak, this will negatively affect every aspect of their life. This is also a great tool for those who are being discipled or discipling others.

Forgivness & Reconciliation

Дорогой ученик, Я молюсь, чтобы эта книга, содержащая изучение Библии, была для Вас благословением и помогла Вам стать ближе Богу и развить с Ним близкие, отношения.